Results Day Anxiety

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

Today I thought it would be a great time to focus on results day anxiety, as I’m an A level student myself receiving my results tomorrow, I know exactly how it feels to be anxious and stressed about what grades are going to be planted into that  dreaded paper. So, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce to you guys what I will be doing to keep myself as calm and anxiety free as I possibly can this Thursday.

Being 18 means that I have already had my fair share of results days and exams, so I’m experienced with how everything works and how to stay as calm as possible. One thing you MUST remember prior, during and after you’ve collected your results is that it will not determine the rest of your life. At the end of the day it is just writing on paper, and it’s not the end of the world if your don’t get straight A’s, as long as you tried your best that’s all that you can do. Exams test one very specific part of your knowledge, so you shouldn’t let that determine whether you smart or not. After getting your brain into this mind set, you will already begin to feel more relaxed about ‘results day’, because you’re not putting as much pressure on yourself. I have found throughout my years of school that having a positive mindset when entering these situations is one of the most important things, otherwise you are going to feel even more down and upset.

So know that I have explained the reasoning to why I am writing this, and how to approach results day, I am now going to give you some ways on managing the ‘results day anxiety’;

  1. Surround yourself with people that you love – For me, a huge part of distracting myself from the thought of results day, and a great way to settle my nerves was surrounding myself with my loved ones. Whether that be your family, friends or even your companion, it really doesn’t matter as long as you feel calm and happy around them. Also, because they know the feelings you are experiencing they are more than likely to offer you support and love, which is crucial during this time of your life. Having that love and a positive atmosphere around you will help relax and settle your mind and avoid you from feeling over anxious for that dreaded day.
  2. Don’t go alone but don’t allow a crowd – What I mean by this is that it’s important to take some people with you to collect your results, however, too many people can certainly be a disadvantage and you will begin to feel more pressured with a crowd.   In my opinion having your mum and dad as company is plenty, allowing any more than 2-3 people to come with you will pile the pressure, especially when you turn up with your friends who are also receiving their results, because then there is a sense of competition. Make sure you go with people that will show you love and support no matter what the end result.
  3. Don’t keep your emotions to yourself – I have mentioned this before in one of my previous blog posts, but I believe this is especially relevant here. During the approach to results day you will be experiencing many various emotions, including nerves, guilt and negativity, and this is perfectly normal. It is also normal for teens to keep their emotions bottled up to themselves, and this is the mistake most people make. Speaking to ANYONE about your emotions will help you anxiety massively. Venting your feelings to people can often lead to more support which will help settle the nerves that you are feeling. If you bottle up your emotions then they will just grow and grow until you at a breakdown stage.
  4. Make sure that you are organised! – This is especially applied for if you are going to University. It is crucial that you have all the numbers for the University/s that you are applying for just in case you don’t get the grades you require and you need to contact them to find out whether you are allowed in or not. If you have all this information ready, then you’re automatically going to feel more relaxed and less stressed, and it will ease the pressure if you don’t get the results. A lot of anxiety comes from the lack of preparation so make sure you do the small things before!
  5. Get rest the night before and use my fundamental methods – For my fifth and final method all I can say is that it’s crucial to get an early night (if you find you can’t sleep be sure to read my blog on how to sleep with anxiety), because having a good nights rest will mean you are more emotionally stable and ready for the big day! Also if you feel yourself feeling anxious in the moment then use my tapping your thumb on your index finger to remain calm and collected.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, and I hope my 5 methods help you or someone you know greatly! Even if this blog doesn’t apply to you directly, feel free to show people that it will effect, because there is thousands of teens out there that will be feeling extremely emotional at this time!

Thank you once again for reading, and I wish everyone who is receiving their results this month a HUGE good luck.




How to Create your Own Anxiety and Stress Relieving Slime

Hello again, and welcome to a brand new blog!

Today I have decided to introduce something new and very different to my blog, which will help people that suffer both anxiety and stress practically rather than mentally, as I believe both are just as effective as the other.

There are plenty of gadgets out there that are designed to combat anxiety, but they come with quite a large price tag for what they are. So I wanted to introduce a way to everyone, on how to make your own thing that is cheap and just as effective as these on the market.

At first it may seem quite weird and grim, but after recently jumping on the ‘slime trend’ and creating my own slime, I came to find that it is extremely satisfying and stress relieving to play with.

Making the slime is very cheap, as most of the things to require will be things you already have just lying around the house. There are many different ways to make slime, so please feel free to look around and find a recipe that is cheapest for you, but I am going to tell you the exact way that I made mine with.

The Recipe

What you will need

  • PVA glue (This MUST be PVA not any other glue)
  • Liquid Laundry detergent
  • Everyday Eye drops (or anything that contains borax to activate the solution)
  • Water
  • shaving foam.
  • A container or a tub to keep the slime in.
  • A cup/bowl.
  • Food colouring (OPTIONAL)

Method on making the slime;

  1. Firstly, you will start by filling 1/4 of your cup with the PVA glue.
  2. Now, you will need to add 1 table spoon of your liquid laundry detergent to the PVA glue, and mix throughly (then add your food colouring and mix if you would like) .
  3. Now, you need to add the shaving foam. You can do this with shaving gel too, but ensure your mix it in your hands first to ensure it enters the solution as foam.
  4. After this is added, give the solution a mix again. (a handful a foam should be enough)
  5. Next, add your eye drops by only a couple of drops at a time. Mix the solution whilst adding the drops to ensure it all soaks in.
  6. This should make your mix look like slime.
  7. Once your happy with the consistency, you will notice it will still be very sticky. This is where the water comes in.
  8. You will need to add water at very small amounts, whilst mixing, until the mix isn’t as sticky anymore.
  9. Once you’ve got to the point where it’s not impossible to get off your hands, you can take the slime out of the cup and play with it in your hands. The slime will get less and less sticky the more the air gets to it. So stretch it out and squeeze it many times.
  10. You should now be left with your stress and anxiety relieving slime!!

This is an example of one of mine that I had finished!!


I really hope the slime works for you, and remember add small amounts at a time as this is crucial! I promise you will find it very anxiety relieving and its especially good to distract yourself with.

Thank you for the continued support, I really appreciate it. Let me know how you find the slime!! :).


How to Deal with Starting New Things

Hello and welcome back!

I’m really sorry for the short break in blog posts, I have been unable to write a new one as I have been on holiday for the last couple of days!

Anyway, as I am hoping to start University in September I thought it may be a good idea to write a blog post helping you to manage beginning new things, whether that be starting a new school, or moving house, as one of the main things that triggers my anxiety personally is starting new things that I am not familiar with. So, lets get suck in with the first method on helping you balance anxiety and excitement;

  1. When beginning new things it’s very common to feel anxious and for your brain to overthink about every possible negative thing it can, and this is where my first method comes in. To help your brain sway away from focussing on the negatives (which is natural) I believe its a very useful exercise to sit down and write all the wonderful and positive things the new opportunity will bring into your life. For example, if you’re starting University, you will have the opportunity of making some new and incredible friends. If you then read this list every time you feel either anxious or scared about the new thing, then your brain will naturally start to put the more positive things first which will ease the anxiety and will mean you are focusing in on the positives and not the negatives.
  2. Secondly, when having anxiety, and when an event is coming up that you are anxious for, it is perfectly natural to feel you don’t want to talk about it with anyone, you just want to put it to the back of your mind and throw it away. BUT, I can personally tell you this is the worst thing you can possibly do! If you don’t express your feelings to someone and get all the bad things off your chest, then they will never go away. Talking to someone about your worries and anxiousness towards something can lead to them putting your mind straight and take your mind off that negative thought. It’s always incredibly satisfying for your brain to have a second opinion, which is more positive and will remove that negative thought forever.
  3. My next and final tip is to become familiar with the place and the people you will be starting the new journey in and with. For example, if you’re going to University, you can join one of the Facebook pages for your course and talk to all the people you will be studying with. This means that when you arrive on that long awaited day, you will already have love and support waiting for you, which will ease the anxiety of not knowing anyone. Taking that massive worry away will leave you less to worry about, and having less to worry about is of course always better.

To round everything up nicely, it’s important to override the negatives with positives and to become familiar with everything, because anxiety is the fear of the unknown and the horrible trait of putting the negatives before the positives. If you remove both these things by using the three methods I have given you, I can assure you that everything will become less anxiety based and more exciting.

Thank you everyone for joining me once again, and thank you for your continued support. I would really appreciate any feedback, and tell me are you starting anything new? I would love to talk to someone on the same page as I’m on with University.

Minding Anxiety.

Travelling With Anxiety

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a new blog post!

As it’s the beginning of August, I figured many of you may be going on holiday, and so I thought it would be fitting to share my tips on how I keep my holidays as anxiety free as I possibly can.

The first thing I get really anxious about is catching the plane, especially as I’ve only done it a couple of times. I’m going to share some of my tips on how to stay calm and relaxed when catching the plane.

  1. Listen to music – listening to music and shutting your eyes when taking off and landing will ease the nerves you are feeling, it will distract your brain from all the bad things running through your mind, and instead will keep you calm and collective. If you put on a song that means something to you and that you are somehow connected to, it may have a bigger effect as you will feel calm and ready for your holiday!!
  2. Leave with plenty of time – The last thing you want to do when catching a plane, is be late!! So I advice you leave a lot earlier than you’re scheduled flight, to ensure that if there are any delays at check in or any other things that would hold you up, it won’t make you miss your flight. Having spare time will automatically mean you are feeling relaxed as you aren’t rushing around and panicking about making the flight and instead you can sit and relax, looking forward to your amazing holiday ahead!!
  3. Carry a bottle of water with you – When travelling I always like to carry a bottle of water with me, because when I get anxious I become nauseous and very flustered. Having the bottle of water and taking small sips when I start to feel anxious not only takes the sick feeling away but also calms me down.
  4. Take some form of entertainment – Personally, when I travel I love to take my iPad and download movies to watch on the flight, this will help time fly and will stop you from worrying about all of the negatives. This can be anything you enjoy, whether that be reading a book or playing a game, it really doesn’t matter as long as your brain is distracted.
  5. Use some of my fundamental methods – My final recommendation for you when catching a plane, is to refer back to some of my fundamental methods, and use them when on the plane or just before. I tend to use the ‘tapping your index finger against your thumb’ method the most, as it is the easiest and therefore one of the best.

In terms of the actual holiday, my main suggestion it to plan in advanced! This applies especially If you’re travelling alone or with a friend with no family. Make sure everything is booked and you’ve allowed yourself enough money to not only buy food and drink but to have a good time. I can’t stress enough how much pressure it will take off your back if you have planned everything and you know what you’re going to do, because anxiety is the fear of the unknown, so eliminate that unknown and you will have less fear.

I also recommend to plan some fun activities with the people you’re travelling with, so you have something to look forward to. If you have something to look forward to then it will distract your mind from the negatives, and replace that feeling of anxiousness with excitement and anticipation!!

Aside from the facts I have given, and by using my top 5 fundamental ideas, there isn’t much more to stress about. Don’t let your anxiety hold you back as life is too short, enjoy every moment especially ones like holidays which will leave you with lifelong memories.

I really hope you have a great holiday, which will be anxious free and fun filled. Thank you once again for reading the blog, and I would love to hear how and if it has helped you on your holiday.

Minding anxiety.


5 Ways to Ensure a Good Nights Sleep

Hello, and welcome back to another blog!

As I have come to learn and I’m sure you have too, one of the hardest things to do when having anxiety is to sleep without worry, especially the day before a big event. This is why I have decided to dedicate this blog to talking about routines and methods you can take before going to bed to ensure that you get all the sleep you need to be happy and healthy the next day. There are many things you can do to ensure that you are worry free before going to bed, whether it be small or big, it will still make a difference.

  1. Exercise – Firstly, an important factor is to ensure that you push yourself to exercise throughout the day, this will mean that you’re more likely to feel tired when it comes to the evening. An additional advantage of this is that  when you exercise your body releases chemicals that make you feel good, and so you will be put into a good mood with less worry so your mind will be nice and positive for the evening. If you don’t do anything all day, then your body isn’t burning any of the energy that it has gained through food, sleep and various other things, this means when it comes to bed time you will feel wide awake, leaving you thinking yourself into a bad mood. Personally, I like to do 30-60 minutes of exercise a day, but even a very short jog in the evening would help.
  2. Have a stable sleeping pattern – Secondly, I believe that it is vital to have a stable sleeping pattern that you stick to every single night. it is also good to test different times you go to sleep and wake up to discover what you’re natural sleeping cycle is. With this method, you will find yourself being able to go to sleep easier each night as your body will adjust and get use to the timing.
  3. Not having naps through the day – Napping through the day is something I am very guilty of doing, I find it extremely hard to stay awake for the full duration of the day especially when I’m not doing anything!! But, if you can manage to stop yourself from napping then do it! this will mean the you will feel more tired when it comes to the evening and therefore more likely to fall asleep quickly. I recommend keeping yourself busy to avoid the temptation of wanting to nap.
  4. Not using electronics 30 minutes from going to sleep – This is very crucial when it comes to sleeping, if you use your electronics before going to bed it will wake your mind up as you are stimulating it. Instead I recommend reading a book, or listening to some calming music or ASMR sounds, this will relax your brain and make sure your mind is clear and relaxed before bed.
  5. No snacking or drinking before bedtime – Make sure that you aren’t giving your body any extra energy through food and drink as this will sabotage your sleeping pattern and will make it harder to fall asleep. In fact articles suggest that you shouldn’t drink drinks with caffeine contents like coffee, after 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Instead take a glass to water to bed, as this will hydrate you but won’t wake you up in any way.

These have been 5 different ways in which you can do to ensure that you are ready for bed in the evenings. Of course there are many other methods, but there are the ones I found to be most effective personally. Thank you once again for taking the time out of your day to read this blog, I really do appreciate it. I also hope that this has helped, and please let me know some feedback of your thoughts on the blog.

Have a lovely day,

Minding anxiety.




My Top 5 Fundamental Methods

Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog post!!

Within this post I would like to introduce you to some of my more fundamental, however effective, methods of handling my anxiety. The best thing about these more simple methods, is that they can be used wherever and whenever they are needed. I have 5 different methods that I use on a day to day basis to keep myself calm, and to control my nerves when I’m in situations that make me feel uncomfortable or anxious.

  1. Tapping my thumb against my index finger constantly – This may sound silly, but this is one of my favourite techniques that I use every single day to calm myself down. Tapping your finger distracts your brain, and in turn means that you won’t be overthinking about the situation as much. It also keeps your heart beat nice and calm as you are tapping at a nice and steady pace. I personally recommend this technique to anyone, in any situation.

2.  Zoning out and listening to nature – When in a stressful situation, I always find it very calming to just zone out and listen to all the different sounds that is made by nature. whether that be the wind resulting through the trees or the sound of rain. This will help you relax and will help distract you from all the stress and worries circulating your brain

3.  Inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling out of the mouth – This is an old and well known trick that many know, and is still one of my favourites when it comes to feeling anxious. Oxygen is very good at calming you down, and so the more you can get the better. I used this method a lot when going through my exam periods just before entering the exam hall. This put me in such a different mind set, meaning I could answer the paper to the best of my ability.

4. Watching ASMR videos – This method applies more for when you find yourself overthinking at night and therefore unable to sleep. Watching ASMR videos has quite simply changed the way I feel at night time. I no longer sit and think about all the bad things I have to worry about, and instead I feel relaxed and ready for bed. This is perfect for when you have a nerve racking event the following day or something that is bothering you and I recommend watching these videos every night, and I promise you will notice a difference in your sleeping patterns and your health.

5. Having a hobby that you enjoy – This is the last method I have to share with you, but that doesn’t take away from the importance of it. In fact I believe this may be one of the most important things to have in order to lead a healthy and happy life. Having something to do or to look forward to will always keep your mind busy, and will stop more negative and unwanted thoughts entering your head. This is also a way to release any negative energy. This can be literally anything, weather that be making YouTube videos or playing sports, it really doesn’t matter, as long as your keeping yourself busy with something that you love.

These have been my top 5 simple technique and methods I use everyday to lead a life that isn’t controlled by my anxiety. I truly hope this blog has helped you in any kind of way and would love for you to let me know your thoughts and opinions!

Thank you very much for reading,

Minding Anxiety.


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